The Manifesto

Experiments In Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a system of raising fish and plants in a symbiotic cycle. Fish waste acts as a natural fertiliser, the plants absorb these nutrients, and the water remains clean for the fish.

Experiments in Aquaponics aims to explore the intersection between socially potent artistic practices and alternative future production by facilitating events, actions and performances. This project is supported through a funding initiative by O2 Telefonica.

Act 1

  1. Functionality does not negate art from occurring. By introducing function, artistic expression incorporates practical learning.
  2. Form is secondary to functionality. Considering the welfare of fish and plants overrides any desire to play with form unnecessarily.
  3. Success is constituted through the testing of non-hierarchical pedagogical strategies and the resulting experiences within these social actions.

Act 2

  1. Confront realities of production and consumption in the food chain. The projectprovides a point of departure for this to happen.
  2. Experiment in how to bypass modes of industrialised mass production. The project provides an opportunity to evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of alternative systems.
  3. Locate the motivation for productive action. The project provides a tool to explore when and why people adopt a new idea.
  4. Realisation of the project is not delegitimised by its funding method. Conflicts are inherently present in the production of socially engaged work, these conflicts need to be acknowledged and explored. Examples of potential ideological conflicts include: (a) Funding of social practice through government sponsored loans, (b) Funding of social practice through the sale of commodifiable ‘art’, (c) Funding of social practice through corporate sponsorship

4. Artists who do not consider Experiments In Aquaponics as art, are not artists

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