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The secret to plant (and fish) growth? A good story.

Our Aquaponics System

Experiments In Aquaponics

Triple grow bed aquaponics system, with pak choi, cabbage and lettuce seedlings, and 17 tilapia fish Triple grow bed aquaponics system, with pak choi, cabbage and lettuce seedlings, and 17 tilapia fish

Following on from our last post detailing HOW TO BUILD A SIMPLE AQUAPONICS SYSTEM we thought we would share our current set-up, which offers some variations on the simple build. The main difference is the expansion into 3 grow beds, and a large cylindrical tank which is currently home to 17 tilapia. Cylindrical tanks are a great choice as they have fewer ‘dead spots’ than rectangular ones, so the water flows around the full surface of the tank.

Pak choi seedlings, planted in bottomless pots for easy transferal and greater stability. White mineral deposits on pebbles (have recently appeared but do no harm). Pak choi seedlings, planted in bottomless pots for easy transferal and greater stability. There are white mineral deposits on the pebbles which have recently appeared but do no harm.

We are planning on adding some new beds (possibly in tower shapes, with the water trickling from top to bottom) in the next few weeks, as we have adequate…

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Starting Your Seedlings In Clay Pebbles

Experiments In Aquaponics

Photo 01-09-2014 10 03 20 am

There wasn’t much about the success rate of starting off seedlings in clay pebbles in any of the aquaponics resources I researched, but I thought I would give it a go as transplanting a clay pebble pot straight into an aquaponics grow bed is much less disruptive to the plants than washing soil off the roots and redistributing them in different media.

Whilst I was waiting for my aquaponics system to properly cycle I started off some spinach, pak choi and basil, in the same clay media as my grow bed. I also grew some seeds in soil to monitor the difference. Obviously as the soil has more nutrients after about 10 days the soil plants started to grow much faster, however once in the system the plants in the pebbles were eventually much stronger than the soil plants. I think having all the roots washed and rearranged in pebbles did not leave…

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Jasmin’s Home Aquaponic System

Experiments In Aquaponics

My home aquaponic system is a very simple one! It is squeezed into the back of the kitchen right next to the back door and is made up of a surprisingly small number of things. The bottom tank for the fish is a really useful storage box and the grow bed is a shallower storage box that was already around the house. All the plumping bits and fittings were easy to find once I knew what I was looking for.

DSC_1218 (1)  DSC_1229 (1)

The basic premise for my system was to have the fish tank on the floor under a very cheap coffee table and the grow bed on top of the table directly draining into the tank from the grow bed via a pipe going straight down through a whole drilled into the table. This set up so far is running quite nicely but not without a few hiccups along the way. Like Alice…

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Alice’s Home Aquaponics System

Experiments In Aquaponics

This post is a brief overview of my mini home aquaponic system and how it runs on a day-to-day basis. Setting up this home system is a precursor to a larger set-up we are making and a way of learning the principals of aquaponics and how to establish the nitrification cycle in a recirculating aquatic environment.

The system is a basic flood and drain model which originally had a bell siphon to automatically drain the bed. However I have since modified it to just a small stand pipe as the roots of my plants have reached the bottom of the bed and now it only needs to flood a small amount. At the moment the pump is on a timer and set to run for 15 minutes, 5 times a day.

The video below is the system prior to beginning any growing and before I had cycled my system ready…

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Welcome to Experiments in Aquaponics

Head here to keep up with my latest collaborative project with Alice woods!

Experiments In Aquaponics

Welcome to Experiments in Aquaponics! On this blog we will be posting thoughts and ‘how-to’ instructions on our home systems, their failures and successes, and updates on the fledgling set-up of a larger system based in Kings Cross where we will be hosting public events and raising Tilapia fish along with a range of vegetables.

Image: Basic structure of a miniature home system, with bell-siphon and irrigation bar. 

Early System

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